Reindeer Costume Ghost (トナカイ着ぐるみ霊) is a disguised spirit who has a son named Hiroto, who owns a Patisserie.



The company he had been working for went bankrupt due to the collapse of Bubble Economy, at the beginning of the 1990s. When his son Hiroto was 10 years old and was hospitalized with a bone fracture, he applied for a costume part-time job at a cake shop in Christmas season, in hope of offering him a well-decorated Christmas Cake, as he could receive the cakes that would remain unsold. However, due to the reindeer costume being cheap, he collapsed from a slight cold. His spirit lingered, still wearing the reindeer costume and stealing cake decorations every Christmas season, but he could not fulfill his desire to offer the cake to his son, as he had left the hospital, and many years passed, he had forgotten what was his goal.

Around 20 years later, he gets spotted by Rinne and Sakura at a patisserie, still stealing Christmas cake decorations, and upon remembering his goal and realizing he could never find his son, he gave up hope. But upon taking off his disguise, Rinne and Sakura figured his son is the owner of the patisserie as they have the same head, so they return to the patisserie, and he finally passes on after offering Hiroto a cake as promised.


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