Renge Shima (四魔 れんげ Shima Renge?) is a Shinigami who works as a Damashigami for Sabato Rokudō, Rinne's father, due to failing her school's entrance exam. She has an old black cat named Tama.


Renge is a beautiful Damashigami with long straight black hair in a hime-cut and has dark colored eyes. In Renge's hair, she has two flowers on both sides of her head, in which beneath are two oni horns. Whether or not Renge wears the school uniform is, at the moment, unconfirmed. However, she does wear a school girl uniform like other Damashigami girls.


Renge has always been wise, serious and prideful.

After being forced to become a Damashigami, she deeply hates her current lifestyle, in which she uses sleazy tactics to do her job or cause problems for our other characters. Although due to her pride, she aims to be at the top at any environment, not minding the Damashigami business.

She holds bitter hatred for many characters: Ageha for the problems she caused her back in grade school, and Sabato for ruining her life, and that hate moved toward Rinne as well for being his son.

She has a crush on Kain and tries to hide her Damashigami ways from him however she can, going so far as to hit him.


Ageha and Renge

Elementary School with Ageha


Renge was once a good and wise Shinigami, always getting the top grades and being elected class president every year.

In elementary school, Ageha caused many problems for young Renge to the point that Renge developed a bitter hatred for the reckless Shinigami.


Middle School with Kain

She was vice president of the student council in middle school, and was sad to learn her crush Kain, serving as student council president, would not be able to go to High School and plans to work at the Mortal Census Bureau as a Shirushigami. During his graduation from middle school, Renge was hoping to give him a love letter that also wished him good luck, but due to a herd of girls who also were giving Kain their letters, Renge was unable to do so.

Renge pushed by Sabato

Pushed by Sabato on the run

While on her way to take her exam for the Elite Shinigami High School, she was pushed aside by Sabato on the run which caused her to miss her exam and she was unable to retake it. Since she did not apply for other schools due to her pride and needed a way to pay her bills, Renge had no choice but to truly become a Damashigami, and was shocked to learn that the one who made her miss her exam is her boss. She would become what Sabato would call his prodigy.


Renge Introduced

Introduced at Sankai High

She got introduced as a transfer student to Sankai High. In her most recent activities, she’s been changing schools repeatedly to seduce boys, with a Marylin Monroe-like pseudo-American spirit attached to herself by use of a Shinigami pheromone perfume, causing many couples to fall apart, to lure them into a portal to the afterlife and collect their souls.

Renge and Sakura

Having tea with Sakura

Upon discovering 3 of her classmates were able to see her attached spirit, she kidnapped Sakura, tricked and sucked out Tsubasa's soul making him her 99th soul, and lured Rinne into a deadly trap. When she learned his last name from Sakura and so understood he is the son of her boss, she decided to make him his 100th soul. She spoke with Sakura and served her a servant tea, for the purpose of turning her into her faithful servant, who would have a spirit attached too and entice twice as many male souls, and also have a human girl as a friend, but Rinne arrived on time to preclude it.

Rinne vs Renge

Attacking Rinne

After revealing her tragic past, she fights Rinne who escapes her dimension with Sakura, but she steals his Haori of the underworld so he would not be able to hunt her anymore. But she happened to be living right next to Rinne’s room at the abandoned club building, where all the captured souls were being kept. And so the souls of the 99 victims including Tsubasa were released and went back to their bodies.


Renge and Tama

Afterwards, Renge remained at Sankai High, and she and Rinne have become next door neighbors. Considering that his father ruined her life, Rinne took pity on Renge, not having the heart to bring her down at once, but nevertheless tries to stop her schemes, which are not only part of her Damashigami work, but also for personal revenge on whoever disturb her work or mock her.

Such vengeful scheme include: using the servant tea again with Rokumon, to have Rinne Sakura and Tsubasa doing bad deeds for her, but the effect of the tea wore off quickly for Rokumon used a small amount of tea, thanks to their broke lifestyle [1]; and tricking Ageha into using a break-up set wrongly to suffer disastrous consequences, only to learn that everyone involved would suffer a huge disaster if used 5 times wrongly.[2]


Meeting Kain Again

Besides scheming, she would also try get rid of Sabato, not only for ruining her life but also because he can often be exasperating to her[3], and has to go through various struggles to hide her Damashigami ways from Kain after reuniting with him.[4]

As she is distressed to have not been able to enter the Elite Shinigami High School, she’d also tag along whenever Matsugo is involved with something about the school.[5]


Renge with her Scythe

Renge with her Scythe

  • Shinigami Scythe: A tool used by all Shinigami, and most likely Damashigami too
  • Pheromone perfume
  • Servant Tea


  • Flight
  • Shinigami Senses
  • Scythe Fighting
  • Invisibility


Sabato Rokudō

Because of Sabato, Renge was unable to take her entrance exam and was forced to become marked as a Damashigami. Renge hates him for ruining her life and, like Kain, Renge's hatred falls onto poor Rinne.

Rinne Rokudō

Since Renge despises Sabato, she feels that Rinne should suffer as well, seeing how he is Sabato's son. She will accept his help if needed, but for the most part she is willing to make Rinne's life a living hell.

Sakura Mamiya

Renge doesn't hate Sakura like she hates Rinne and Ageha. She once had tea with Sakura and told her about the problems the she is plagued with. Renge might even consider Sakura as something of a friend, seeing she doesn't have any female friends.


Renge and Ageha are complete opposite, as Renge is wise but poor and Ageha is rich but stupid. They have a deep dislike for each other and often fight whenever they meet.


Kain is Renge's crush from middle school and her unrequited love still continues. Back then, she tried giving him a love letter but failed to do so thanks to other girls who wished to do the same. Renge doesn't want Kain to know about her connections to the Damashigami Company and willingly accepts Rinne's help to keep it a secret.


  • "The old man is a good-for-nothing, the son renounces his workplace! Don’t you guys have any guts?"(おやじはグータラ、息子は職場放棄か。やる気あんのかおまえらっ!) - Chapter 137
  • "I aim for the top at any environment." (私はどんな環境でもトップを目指す。) - Chapter 137
  • "Still an impudent girl. The tools must be crying. You surely used them without reading the manual at all, stupid Ageha." (相変わらずいー加減な女ね、道具が泣いてるわ。どうせろくに説明書も読まないで使ったんでしょ、バカ鳳。) - Chapter 142


  • Renge's appearance is similar to Sango from Inuyasha, but her horns are identical to that of Lum from Urusei Yatsura.
  • Although Renge and Rinne are not friends, they are both poor, hate Sabato and live in the same club building.
  • Both she and Kain were unable to attend Shinigami High School because of Sabato, and so became different types of Shinigami.
  • Renge's name is spelled in Hiragana (れんげ) and means "Lotus Flower", which is Renge's most commonly used tool. Renge's last name, "Shima" is a Buddhist term for the four types of demons that trouble humans. Those demons are "Bonnouma," a demon of ill desires; "Onma," a demon who causes many kinds of suffering; "Shima" (written differently than Renge's name), the demon of death; and "Tenma", the demon who tries to prevent people from doing good deeds.



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