Rinne volume 1

Volume 1 of the English Rin-ne manga

Rin-ne, known as Kyōkai no Rinne (境界のRINNE?, lit. Rinne of the Boundary, officially subtitled as Circle of Reincarnation) in Japan, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi.

Rin-ne revolves around Sakura Mamiya, a high school girl who became able to see ghosts after she was "spirited away" for a week when she was a child, though she does not remember the details of the experience. Once in high school, Sakura wishes to be rid of her extrasensory perception, which is an annoyance to her. She meets a shinigami of sorts named Rinne Rokudo, a classmate of hers who was absent for the first month or so of school. His job is to guide spirits, whose regrets bind them to Earth, to the wheel of reincarnation so that they may be reborn. The wheel appears as a large red, spoked wheel revolving in the sky.


The manga series Rin-ne is written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. The first chapter was published in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday manga magazine on April 22, 2009. The first two tankōbon volumes were released in Japan on October 16, 2009; as of April 17, 2015, 25 volumes have been released. The manga has been licensed by Viz Media, who published the chapters simultaneously online in English as they were serialized in Japan until March 17, 2011. Rin-ne was the first title to be released under Viz Media's Shonen Sunday imprint, with the first volume published on October 20, 2009. Madman Entertainment published the first volume in Australasia on October 10, 2010.


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A 25-episode anime television series adaptation, produced by Brain's Base and directed by Seiki Sugawara, premiered in Japan on April 4, 2015. The screenplay is written by Michiko Yokote and the music composed by Akimitsu Honma. The first set of opening and ending theme songs is "Ōkaranman" (桜花爛漫?) by Keytalk and "Tokinowa" (トキノワ?) by Passepied respectively, while the second set used from episode 14 onwards is "Ura no Ura" (裏の裏?, "Back of the Back") by Passepied and "Futatsu no Sekai" (ふたつの世界?, "Two Worlds") by Quruli. Prior to the anime, an animated commercial promoting the manga and Weekly Shōnen Sunday was created in 2009. The anime is licensed by Sentai Filmworks for digital and home video release in North America.

Comparison to Other Rumiko Takahashi Works

Kyōkai no Rinne is a unique blend of the comedic stylings of Ranma 1/2 with the elements of the supernatural and the progressive continuity found in Inuyasha. This gives it something that is both historically Takahashi while also remaining new.

It continues the trend in Rumiko Takahashi's shōnen works of a more refined and less violent female protagonist. This trend began with Lum and continued through Akane Tendo to Kagome Higurashi and finally has resulted in Sakura Mamiya. Each iteration had an assertive female lead which has progressively become more calm and less prone to physical violence towards the male lead than her predecessor.

However, it doesn't just contain a mixing of old concepts and refinements of character development though. In this work Rumiko Takahashi has also ventured into an as of before unexplored area in her shōnen works. In a sharp departure from most of her previous shōnen series the male protaganist is not a kind-hearted jerk, but a somber character who sets out to do good.

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