Ring Ghost (指輪霊) is the spirit of a university student, looking for a present containing a ring.



He had a crush on a girl, whose birthday is in December. The day before her birthday, he bought a birthstone ring and asked the girl to meet him the next day at a big Christmas Tree that’s put in front of a station every year, where he inserted a Christmas present containing the ring among the decorations to surprise her. However the next morning, the girl had caught a cold thus could not come to the rendezvous point, so he rushed by bike to get his present back but ended up dying in an accident. His spirit lingered, searching for the present.

A year later, Rinne helped him find the present, hoping to keep the ring worth 30000 yen since the ghost thought it was unlikely for the girl to come, but much to Rinne and Rokumon's dismay, she happens to pass by and so the ghost would pass on after giving her the ring, without learning she’s got a boyfriend fortunately.


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