The Runner Ghost is the spirit of a boy who haunts a racing lane of Sankai High.



Long ago, he was the anchor in a relay race team, for which he trained enthusiastically. Yet on the morning of the athletic festival, he saw a puppy in the middle of a road about to be hit by a truck and tried to save him only to trip and fall to his death while the dog managed to get out of the road. His spirit lingered however, as he longed to complete the race, for which he arrived on time, but he would go in the opposite direction as he took the baton and vanished as he could not see the finish line. Since then, for years, he would always reappear in the same lane he was to run, whenever another team would make use of that lane, still taking the baton from a runner and going in the opposite direction with it, causing the team to lose and so the lane got nicknamed “the evil 4th lane”.

In the latest Athletic Festival, Rinne, Sakura, Tsubasa and Renge were selected as a team who ended up having to use the 4th lane and upon encountering the ghost, they tried to help him pass on by allowing him to be their anchor, yet he kept on running in the opposite direction, so Rinne used a tactic to make him run back to the right direction, and although he proved not to be incredibly fast, he was satisfied to finally get to race and thus passed on.


  • He was not named.

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