Ryūma Hoshi (干リュウマ) is a student of Sankai High and the Ace of the Baseball Club.



He gets letters from girls in the lower grade but always refuses them, because he had his eyes on the beautiful Manager Remi Tachibana. After a practice match at another school, he practiced confessing to Remi in front of a bench, where the ghost of a baseball manager happened to be sitting at and upon hearing his words would grab his left shoulder and never let go, causing him then to feel a massive weight and collapse whenever he tries to pitch.

When Rinne was sought by Remi and figured that the ghost mistook Ryūma for her crush as her vision was blurry, he brought contact lenses to make her see Ryūma clearly and let go of his shoulder. Even so, he still could hardly pitch well, for he eventually learns that Remi already has a boyfriend from the soccer club.


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