Ryoko Tomoe (巴リョウコ) is a student of Sankai High and the captain of the Female Judo Club.



She's a very serious girl.


Her parents divorced when she was very small, and she never knew her father who died in an accident, shortly after he tried to see her at her elementary school entrance ceremony.

She meets his spirit, when Rinne is asked by members of the Female Judo Club to deal with him as he was stalking and taking pictures there, and she was disgusted of him, not only for stalking the club and taking pictures but because she learned from her mother why they divorced. But she learns from Rinne that he has been taking pictures of her throughout her life and hoped to give her a message "do your best, I love you" (ガんバレ愛しテマス), by having the signs in each photograph arranged to appear over her head in the background. As he passed on, she called him “Father”.



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