She is Sakura Mamiya's mother. Her maiden name is Miyamae (宮前).


She has a similar facial structure to her daughter's. She has messy, neck-length dark green hair, dark grey eyes and pale skin complexion. She is usually seen wearing a yellow-and-brown striped apron over a pink long-sleeved shirt and a long purple skirt, along with orange slippers. In her high school days, she looked identical to her daughter, except for her hair and eye color.




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She was a student of Sankai High, and a member of the Broadcasting club. On her first date, she went to a Awaawa Club Live and secretly recorded it on a cassette tape, and lent it to her friend Otobe so he could make a re-recording of it. However, as he was shocked to learn that she had gone on a date with another boy, he got absent-minded and accidentally used her tape to record a review meeting, which upset her.


She tends to buy or make too much food, so Sakura brings them to Rinne.

Sakura's mother meets Otobe again

She meets the spirit of Otobe, who lingered as he had found someone else who had recorded the Awaawa Club Live on a cassette tape and wanted to bring a re-recording of it to her. She believed him to be his son, and got nostalgic and made a joyous reaction upon receiving the tape, which allowed Otobe to pass on.


Sakura Mamiya

Rinne Rokudō




  • She is voiced by Fumi Hirano, who provided the voice of Lum from Urusei Yatsura, another Rumiko Takahashi series. In fact, her color scheme may be a strong reference to Lum, and she is physically similar to Fumi Hirano.


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