Sandunokawazeki (三角川関) is the spirit of a sumo wrestler.



While waiting in a room in Kyoukai for the Wheel of Reincarnation, he did a foot stomp out of habit, which cracked the floor, causing him to fall to a spirit road which led him back to the living world, and got stuck within a wall of Miho’s bedroom at her house. He would continue doing noisy foot stomping and hand slapping practice, leaving hand marks in the wall, and Miho got terrified at night and had to rely on Rinne to unstuck him. But when Renge tried to unstuck him herself using a spirit door and spoke of getting a prize money, the sumo ghost took it as a challenge and fought her back, and he would not leave until getting a reward for his victory. So Rinne fought him in a sumo fight to lure him out of the wall, and Rokumon makes him lose by getting him out of the wrestling ring. And thus he was returned to Kyoukai.


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