Sankai High

Sankai High School (三界高校) is one of the most frequently seen locations in the story. It is attended by major characters Rinne Rokudō, Sakura Mamiya, Miho, Rika, Tsubasa Jūmonji, and Renge Shima.

Dress Code

The school's dress code consists of a steel blue blazer over a white dress shirt; male students must wear a green tie, pleated cerulean trousers, and white shoes, and female students must wear a string tie which color depends on which year (red for first year, purple for second year, blue for third year), a pleated cerulean skirt, black kneesocks and white loafers.

As the weather progresses, the students can take off their steel blue blazers, and the female students wear a yellow waistcoat, then all students would wear shirt with short sleeves.


The school's main building features a central clock tower and is where classes are held. The following facilities are located outside:

  • Resting place: It features trees and benches.
  • Gymnasium: It is also used for theatre.[1]
  • Soccer Field
  • Swimming Pool
  • Abandoned Club Building: Where Rinne and Renge live. A room in the ground floor was used by a light music band to practice.[2]

There’s an instrument shelter at the school yard, which Rinne uses, suggesting people to write a letter about their problems and place an offering and money inside, to have their problems solved with his Shinigami Skills.

Known Teachers

Known Students


  • Suzuki, Sakura's Mother and Miho's elder sister attended there.
  • The students of Class 1-4 who got involved in paranormal activities are all girls.
  • Ken Ameno is the only student to be of a Class 5.
  • In chapter 342, featuring Class 2-1 students Yuuya Ohora and Miyuki Miyage, although the class can be seen assisting to the story of spirit Soratarou, previously seen students Kaori Himekawa, Haruka Igawa and Rei Kuroi were not seen, and students Kasumi Hozokawa and Shou Uwaki either as they appeared a few chapters later.



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