The Sauce Ghost (ソース霊) is the spirit of a boy who has a great love for sauce.



Years ago, he came to a fair with the Gourmet Stall Street in mind. He had ordered some Okonomiyaki for himself when his female classmate appeared and asked for a few bites. That’s when he realized much to his fury that the sauce was unevenly distributed and only covered half of his food, and his classmate ate the saucy half before leaving with her boyfriend. Losing both the girl he had a crush on and the sauce, the boy was crushed and died in an accident on his way back home. His spirit lingered, appearing at the same fair whenever a couple buys a treat to share and licking up all the sauce on the top of the treat, causing the couples to argue and even break up, as the boys believe their girlfriends intentionally give them the inferior half of the food.

In the latest year at the Gourmet Stall Street, Tsubasa was sought to investigate, and he allowed Rinne and Rokumon to tag along, much to Sakura’s surprise, although it’s because he was afraid something could happen between himself and Sakura, while discovering the source of the broken up couples by buying and sharing an Okonomiyaki. After being caught, the ghost tells his story, and after denying that he attempted to cause couples to break up, Rinne figures that he was actually testing the sauces in the food, for he was shocked not only for his unrequited love, but the girl he liked told her boyfriend that there was so much sauce in the Okonomiyaki she ate that it was too salty. Rinne made him get his confidence back and a sauce party was held to allow him to pass on.


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