Sayori Nara (奈良サヨリ) is a student of Sankai High.



She started dating student Masaru Ooki, when he confessed to her before summer vacation begun. At the summer festival, he scooped 2 goldfishes, and he’d keep the pop-eyed male one while she’d keep the female one and they would take care of both together. But later, because he would stare at other girls with huge breasts anywhere they go (including at the beach and pool), she broke up with him. Yet, as Masaru’s pop-eyed goldfish wished to reunite with her goldfish, his spirit attached itself to Masaru in order to reach Sayori, who felt that she was being stalked and suspected Masaru. But Rinne figured the spirit’s identity and Sayori accepted Masaru to bring his goldfish to hers, though his goldfish ended up being rejected, and she made it clear to Masaru why she broke up with him.


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