Tamako Scythe

Shinigami (死神) is a reaper, who has for duty to guide spirits of the deceased, to the Wheel of Reincarnation so that they may be reborn.


They live in Kyoukai, a border world which is between the living world and the next, and use a portal to reach the living world.

They all carry a Scythe, and must sometimes make use of other tools. As some spirits can be restless with regrets that bind them to the living world, they have to listen to a spirit’s rant.

Since ancient times, Black Cats have been in partnership with them, supporting them in all sorts of ways, from the day a contract is formed.

Each holds a license which indicate their level depending on how much spirits they helped rest.

  • Platinum (10000 spirits)
  • Gold (2000 Spirits)
  • Silver (200 Spirits)
  • Bronze (Beginner)

The higher the rank, the higher the price for purifying a spirit.

Though they have a longer lifespan, they don’t look any different from humans, and they learn in schools, which has the same system of the living world (elementary, middle, high).



  • There are other types of Shinigamis called Shirushigami and Damashigami, which are original names of the story, based on the word Shinigami.
  • There has been no mention of Sabato, Otome, Bijin and Anju having a black cat contractor.

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