Tamako Scythe

Shinigami (死神) is a reaper, who has for duty to guide spirits of the deceased, to the Wheel of Reincarnation so that they may be reborn.


They live in Kyoukai, a border world which is between the living world and the next, and use a portal to reach the living world.

They all carry a Scythe, which mainly serves to purify evilness. And as some spirits can be restless with regrets that bind them to the living world, they have for duty to listen to a spirit’s rant and must make use of other Shinigami tools to help them rest in peace.

Since ancient times, Black Cats have been in partnership with them, supporting them in all sorts of ways, from the day a contract is formed.

Each holds a license which indicate their level depending on how much spirits they helped rest.

  • Platinum (10000 spirits)
  • Gold (2000 Spirits)
  • Silver (200 Spirits)
  • Bronze (Beginner)

The higher the rank, the higher the price for purifying a spirit (if it is done in a proper and fair way).[1]

Though they have a longer lifespan, they don’t look any different from humans, and they learn in schools, which has the same system of the living world (elementary, middle, high).

Young Shinigamis in a group called the Shinigami Youth Squad are assigned for some tasks by the Shirushigamis.[2]



  • There are other types of Shinigamis called Shirushigami and Damashigami, which are original names of the story, based on the word Shinigami.
  • There has been no mention of Sabato, Otome, Bijin and Anju having a black cat contractor.



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