Shinigami Tools
This is a list of tools used by Shinigamis and also Damashigamis in order of appearance.

Mostly Used

  • Shinigami Scythe (死神のカマ)

The main weapon used by Shinigamis, used to slash and purify evil spirits.

  • Yomi No Haori (黄泉の羽織)

It materializes a spirit, and allows a partly Shinigami to be invisible and fly.

  • Revolving Lantern (走馬灯)

It transforms memories of the past into a video.

  • Tsukumogami Seal (九十九髪シール) Prize: 99 yen

It imbues things with souls.

  • Emotion Dust (念粉)

When sprinkled onto a disembodied spirit, it can be used to follow it to its origin.

  • Spirit Dye Ball (霊体用カラーボール)

It colors ghosts so ordinary people can see them.

  • Channeling Doll (依代人形) Prize: Vinyl 1000 yen, Ura 100 yen, Paper 10 yen

It houses a ghost or disembodied spirit temporarily.

  • Separation Incense (分離香)

It brings out an attached spirit with smoke.

  • Ring of Judgment (裁きの輪)

It works as a shield of justice when its owner is subjected to an unfair attack, and can lead its owner to the whereabouts of its offender and even restrain him.

  • Illusionary Lantern (幻夜燈)

Used to trick people into seeing exciting visions. There are many types including Disco Ball, Rotating, and Memory Type (which diffuses scenes of the past of a place).

  • Watchdog Collar (番犬の首輪)

Used to summon Dogs.

  • Barrier Duct Tape (結界ガムテープ) Prize: 600 yen

It precludes anyone entering or coming out of a place.

  • Exorcism Hourglass (除霊砂時計) Prize: 20000 yen

When placed in a house, it precludes ghosts to come in.

  • Astral Extraction Fishing Rod (幽体離脱釣り竿)

It can temporarily pull out a soul of a body.

  • Basic Spirit Door (使い捨て霊道 or 簡易霊道) Prize: 300 to 600 yen depending on size

It will link a spirit path to a certain location written on it.

  • Spirit Smoker Outer (霊いぶりだし香 or 霊追い出して香)

Used to smoke out spirits.

  • Decoy Doll (身代わり人形) Prize: 10000 yen per hour

It creates a substitute of whoever’s hair or nail is placed inside.

  • Spirit Road Magic Marker (霊道発生マジック) Prize: 2900 yen

A spirit path is generated for a few seconds when a geometric shape is drawn.

  • Feeling Coating Spray (念コーティングスプレー)

It gives physical substance to items, desires or whatever is aggravating someone, so ordinary people can see them.

  • Yorishiro Stickers (依代シール) Prize: 10 yen

It causes spirit possession. Just put it to whatever or whoever, and the sticker’s spirit will take over.

  • Spirit Binding Lasso (縛霊しめ縄 or 霊縛しめ縄)

Used to bind and contain a spirit.

  • Spirit Gathering Incense (霊寄せ香)

It gathers spirits.

  • Doll Microphone (人形用マイク)

It allows Tsukumogami dolls or wishes to talk.

  • Scrying Orb (のぞき玉)

It shows accurate glimpses of the past and the future. If it's lost, it always returns to its current owner.

Used Once

  • Fire Wheel (火車烈断) Prize: 500 yen
  • Spirit World Tin Can Phone (霊界糸電話) Prize: 70 yen

It lets you contact a spirit of your choice.

  • Meidoshadan (冥戸遮断) Prize: 1000 yen
  • Ungaikyou (雲外鏡)
  • Cross (十字架) Prize: 100 yen
  • Shimitori Paper (シミとり紙)
  • Hakujitsutou (白日灯)
  • Bloodsucking Fire Wheel (吸血烈車)
  • Barrier Dissolving Spray (結界溶解スプレー) Prize: 20000 yen
  • Time Holograph (タイムホログラフ)

It creates physical manifestation of the residual desires of an item’s owner.

  • Evil Spirit Balloon (悪霊フーセン) (Discontinued)
  • Basic Spirit Door Spawner Pencil (簡易霊道発生シャーペン) (Discontinued)

Just draw a circle and you get a hole to the Reidou.

  • Wings to the Afterlife (あの世にひとっ飛びウイング) (Discontinued)
  • Demon Tool Cutting Shears (悪魔道具切りバサミ)
  • Simple Ghost Trap Box (簡易霊捕獲箱)
  • Tsukumogami Catching Net (九十九神捕獲網) Prize: 990 yen
  • Tsukumogami Capturing Bolas (九十九神捕獲ボーラボーラ) Prize: 990 yen
  • Channeling Balloon (依代風船) Prize: 1000 yen
  • Capture Net (捕獲網) Prize: 500 yen
  • Ghost Motels (浮遊霊ハウス)
  • Scrying Bath Salts (念読バブルソーダ) Prize: 3000 yen

It reveals information about spirits in liquid.

  • Tombstone Maze (墓石迷路)
  • Dark Fireworks (暗闇花火)
  • Scythe-Quick-Fix Tape (カマ応急修理用ガムテープ)
  • Spirit Power Up Booster (生霊パワーアップブースター)
  • Spirit Attracting Aromatic Mushrooms (霊寄せ用香りキノコ)
  • Substitution Balloon (替え玉風船) Prize: 10 yen
  • Bouncy Soul Capsule (弾み魂カプセル)
  • Pseudo-American Trick Spirit (アメリカダマシ霊モドキ)
  • Break Up Set (破局セット) Prize: 10000 yen
  • Feeling Gathering Wick (念寄せの芯)
  • Spirit Sedative (霊眠剤)
  • Paper Dogs (犬紙)
  • Pawn Vase (質壺)

It's a bottle which sucks and pawns articles.

  • Forgetball (忘れ玉)

Used to make someone forget.

  • Rememball (思い出し玉)

Used to make someone remember.

  • Choker (チョーカー) Prize: 500 yen

A fancy collar, in which one can monitor what the spirit guardian sees and hear via spirit network.

  • Spirit Bubble Solution (霊溶液シャボン玉) Prize: 480 yen

Anyone encased in a bubble gets sent into the Reidou once it’s bursts.

  • Memory Glasses (メモリーグラス) Prize: 1000 yen
  • Seeker Hinotama (追跡用火の玉) Prize: 1850 yen
  • Bug Soul Suction Trap (虫魂吸引虫カゴ)
  • Body-Double Balloon Doll (身変わり風船人形)
  • Spirit-Lowering Holy Rope (精霊降臨しめ縄)
  • Inflation Medicine (膨満剤)
  • Spirit Separation Liquid (霊はがし液)
  • Nekomata Plug (猫又プラグ)
  • Space Adhesion Seal (空間密着シール)
  • Spiritual Alarm Clock (霊体用目ざまし)
  • Sense Powder (鑑識パウダー) Prize: 3800 yen per 100 gram

Used for tracing spirit signatures.

  • Calming Tags (鎮静札)
  • Spirit Binding Tape (霊接着ガムテープ)
  • Soul Suction Mirror (吸魂鏡コンパクトタイプ)
  • Capture Spirit Paper (霊取り紙)
  • Memory Sheet (メモリーシート)
  • Evil Repulse Barrier Hair Tie (退魔結界ヘアゴム) Prize: 1000 yen
  • Mask of Medusa (メデューサの仮面)
  • Spirit Road Pouch (霊道巾着)
  • Field Reproduction Tube (現場再現チューブ)
  • Sealing Padlock (封印南京錠)
  • Retrieving Magnet (復縁磁石)
  • Misfortune Receiving Doll (厄受け人形)
  • Thought Blotting Paper (思い吸い取り紙)

Anime Only

  • Spirit Casting Net (霊体投網) Prize: 180 yen
  • Spirit Dust Cloth (霊体ハタキ) Prize: 120 yen
  • Spirit Pepper (霊体コショウ)
  • Spirit Popper (霊体クラッカー)
  • Shikigami RC (式紙ラジコン) (Discontinued)

It lets you control anyone you put the antenna on.

  • Romance-Maker Set (縁結びセット)

Used to get someone to like you by cowardly means.


  • Some tools' name in Japanese can vary such as Basic Spirit Door (使い捨て霊道 or 簡易霊道) and Spirit Binding Lasso (縛霊しめ縄 or 霊縛しめ縄).


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