Shinobu Arai (新井シノブ) is a member of the Soccer Club of Sankai High.



Upon entering High School and joining its soccer club, he would not wash his uniform covered in mud and even do things that render him even filthier. His middle school classmate Kumi Senda, who became the soccer club manager, got worried and sought Rinne, who discovers that the locker he’s been using contains a hidden old uniform whom his owner refused to wash, believing it brought him luck, but eventually decided to clean it when they reached the playoffs and promptly lost, which further cemented the idea that his luck was tied to the dirty uniform and thus he grieved at his locker swearing never to wash his uniform again, which created an aura that causes anyone else using that locker not to have the will to wash his own uniform. With the case solved, Shinobu returned to his original self.


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