Shinya Kouda (考田シンヤ) is a student of Sankai High.



His father passed away while he was a child, and his mother works as a cashier during the day and has a shift at a restaurant during the night. On Mother’s Day, he offered carnations and a necklace from an antique shop to his mother. Since then, his Bentos would strangely be bug shaped and not be appetizing, and his house would be messy. Believing something is wrong with his mother, he sought Rinne. However, it turns out it was he who was being possessed during the night by the spirit of his deceased father, thanks to the necklace which turns out to be a spiritism item. His father had been lingering at his altar, watching over his family, and possessed his son to try clean the house, believing it would be a favor to his hardworking mother, and decorated the Bentos, for his son loved bugs during his childhood. Shortly after revealing his intentions, his father moved on.


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