Spirit Woman (雪女, Yuki Onna) is the spirit of a woman, who dwells in a refrigerator, longing for hot food.



She was born and grew up in a snow country, always cold and hungry in poverty. Her happiest moment came when her husband caught a duck, but as she went to get some leeks for a Duck Pot, she tripped up and passed out at the leek garden and died buried in snow. She became a snow girl style spirit then and remained at the leek garden for hundreds of years.

As she could not pass on, she got on a truck with leeks that were taken to be sent to a restaurant, and got inside a white fridge. As a result, that fridge could keep cool without power but she would not allow anyone to put anything on it. Sakura came across it and sought Rinne, who took it without hesitation. She reveals her story to them and forces them to offer her any hot food, going as far as attempting to freeze them to death. And after a food fight, she passes on as she gets to eat something that makes her feel pleased.


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