Soratarou (空太郎) is the spirit of a man from long ago, who suffered an unfair reputation.



He had a crush on a woman named Fuki, who was the prettiest lady of her village, and tended to stalk her. He spotted her, hiding behind a statue of Jizo (地蔵), trying to fool the son of a millionaire into marrying her, by pretending to be the statue speaking to him. Upon seeing him behind her, she begged him to remain quiet, under the false promise of becoming his bride. He was shocked to see her with the millionaire’s son then, and she denied having made the promise to marry him. Nobody else believed him, and he became the laughingstock of the village, with the nickname "Horatarou" and an altered story that he was the one hiding behind the statue, trying to fool Fuki into marrying him.

Later, recently in the same region, a little figurine based on him that has the words "Hora" written in his mouth has been made. Sankai High student Miyuki Miyage bought one of those during her summer vacation, and offered it as a souvenir to her boyfriend Yuuya Oohora, who then gets possessed by Soratarou’s spirit holding a great grudge and making him become a liar, much to Miyuki’s chagrin.

Rinne got Sotarou's spirit out of Yuuya, and with a revolving lantern and illusionary lantern combined, the true story could be revealed. Soratarou would not pass on until the historical record is corrected and restores his good name, but ultimately it proves to be enough that the figurine becomes unpopular.


  • His cause of death is unknown.

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