The Soul Eater King (魂食王, Konjikiou) is an evil spirit which was sealed in a Jubako lunch box, which was passed down for generations through Ageha’s family. It would grant three wishes to whoever eats from the Jubako, though at the cost of his/her soul.



Right after falling in love with Rinne, Ageha carelessly took the Jubako and broke the seal, to offer him food. It would appear to Rinne in his class, in the guise of a giant octopus made from a wiener, and managed to grant him 2 wishes, when he was trying to talk to Sakura, but Rinne figured it was an evil spirit and Ageha subdued it.


  • It can grant wishes and eat someone's soul as a price.


  • It gets a longer role in the anime.


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