The Special Chocolate Ghost (スペシャルチョコ霊, Supesharu Choko Rei) is the spirit of a girl hoping to remake a big chocolate heart.



She dated a boy since middle school, and offered him chocolate every year. In the latest Valentine, she decided to offer him a homemade big chocolate heart, but he dumped her for another girl. Heartbroken, she plotted revenge by making another big chocolate heart with wasabi filled inside she’d give him with a message saying “Thank you for until now”. However, she died in an accident in the middle of an intersection, before she could give it to him. Her spirit lingered searching for that chocolate at the road where she died, since she worked hard on it, but couldn’t find it.

Sakura met upon her and proposed to remake her chocolate, together with Rinne. As she did not specify what kind of chocolate she expects, she wastes all the handmade materials Sakura had bought by throwing the little chocolate hearts Sakura made in the garbage, much to Rinne’s shock, and when the big chocolate heart with wasabi is remade, she eventually exhales her feelings by just smashing that chocolate in front of a Yorishiro Doll having the appearance of her ex-boyfriend, and she passes on.


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