A Spirit Way Stone (霊道石, Reidouseki) is a stone that alerts spirits to the entrance to a spirit way, so they can get to Kyoukai without the aid of a Shinigami.



It guided spirits on the mountain for hundreds of years, and witnessed the distant city lights and so grew to hope to leave the mountainside to explore Tokyo. It took its chance, to stuck itself on Sankai High Student Tatsuya Fujinami’s head, when he practiced head butt, and hid itself with a force field. Consequently, all of the spirits drawn invade the school, perching atop students, as there is no portal for them to pass through to go to Kyoukai. Rinne would remove the stone from Tatsuya’s head, and instead of leading it to enjoy a fabulous night, he cooks up a scheme using an Illusionary Lantern and the help of some ghosts to satisfy the Stone, who then agrees to go back to the mountain.


  • According to Rokumon: Spirit Way Stones are public property in Kyoukai, and anyone breaking one would be fined.

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