The Sunflower Ghost is the spirit of the owner of a pension at a sunflower field.



He died of heatstroke in the middle of the sunflowers, while building a maze with the thought of amusing kids from a school that were coming to lodge at his inn. His spirit lingered in the form of a huge sunflower, making the sunflowers form a maze and sprinkling water, which annoyed the new owners of the inn. Rinne, who came with Sakura, Tsubasa and Ichigo, was sought to resolve the problem, but the ghost had created other attractions that brought pain to Rinne and Tsubasa, and it's eventually Shōma and Ichigo who locate and neutralize him. Although his attractions were painful to Rinne and Tsubasa, they had to say they were fun to allow the man to pass on.


  • He was not named.

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