The Suntan Ghost (日焼け霊) is the spirit of a girl who longs to get a tan.



Back when she was alive, she wanted to have a light brown skin as every friend of her class were enjoying that fashion which was popular in the 90s. However, she was fair-skinned by nature and so would turn red instead, so she did her best applying suntan lotion when she went to get sun at the beach, but she ended up dying of heatstroke. Her spirit lingered at the spot she remained, still longing to get become light brown, but to no avail as a ghost. After many years, right when she got tired of waiting, Sankai High student and Swimming Club Captain Eita Senoo sit on the spot she was, so she attached herself to his back believing it would give her a nice tan but the sun was still too much for her and she was in constant pain. To make matters worse when Eita saw her imprint on his back in the mirror and had no idea about her being a ghost, he went to a tanning bed hoping to make the imprint disappear thus caused further burning to her. Rinne gets her out, when members of the swimming club sought him as they were worried about Eita, and after hearing her story, uses a spirit dye ball with a color to make her appear darker, which makes her happy and pass on.


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