Suzuki (スズキ) is the PE coach of Sankai High.


Suzuki has short black hair, always wears a jacket and has yellow starred eyes.


Suzuki is a nice and popular person, always taking care of people.



He spent his High School years at Sankai High. 7 years ago, since his classmate was also named Suzuki, he accidentally took his tracksuit instead of his own. He was told to meet him at the gym at 4pm to give it back, but his classmate died in an accident, so he preserved it.

3 or 2 years ago, he trained to be a teacher at Sankai High, and worked with the class representative Yōko Kanō who fell in love with him. She got the courage to give him her email address when his training ended, but a sudden gust of wind made him lose it and a lovely lady helped him look for it and became his girlfriend. He came back a year later at Sankai High as a newly-appointed teacher and hoped to apologize to Yoko for not replying, but she avoided him for she learned that he got a girlfriend and died of food poisoning.


Suzuki thought of giving his classmate’s tracksuit to Rinne, who recently enrolled in Sankai High and couldn’t afford a tracksuit. But as he happened to be dealing with the spirit of his classmate, Rinne had to ask Suzuki to give it back to his classmate so he may pass on.[1]

He would meet the spirit of Yoko when Rinne was dealing with her, and allowed her to pass on by reassuring her.[2]


Rinne Rokudo

Yōko Kanō



  • Suzuki's starred eyes is the same as Mizunokouji Tobimaro from Urusei Yatsura.
  • He serves as homeroom teacher in the anime.


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  2. Chapters 115-116, Episode 33

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