The Sweets Ghost (スイーツ霊) is a female ghost who haunts a sweet store.


She's a plump girl with long hair.


She used to go to sweet stores with her friends for they loved sweets, but she hoped to avoid eating sweets, for she easily gets acne by doing so. One day at one sweet store, she got excited for a chocolate fondue and ended up eating all the sweets in the store, which caused her to get an acne, so she ran in a daze to a drugstore to get some cream but ended dying in an accident. Her spirit lingered haunting that store.

When Rinne was sought to deal with her haunting, she confesses she would love to eat as many sweets as she wants without worrying about the acne, so Rinne uses a placebo to have her eat all she wants without worrying, and she passed on before she’d notice she got a acne.



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