The Talent Ghost lingers in an apartment levitating and breaking plates.


He wears a costume which consists of flippers on his feet, a tutu, a bald cap with a necktie and fake glasses with a mustache. Behind the bald cap and fake glasses is the face of a handsome man.


He had managed to be employed at a company in a period in which it was hard to get a job, and practiced for a new employee welcoming party during the night and ended up dying of exhaustion. His spirit lingered in the apartment he was living in, still wearing his exaggerated costume and practicing levitating dishes. As a result, the apartment got a low price and got rented lastly by Yumi Kariya’s family. After revealing to Rinne that he could pass on if he is laughed at his performance, everyone gets to see the ghost perform, yet no one actually enjoys his performance.  When Yumi’s father convinces the ghost to remove his glasses and bald cap, both Yumi and her mother are shocked to find that the ghost is actually a very handsome young man, and the ghost ultimately gets to pass on.


  • He was not named.

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