Tasuku Hoshino (星野タスク) is a student of Sankai High.



6 years ago, he and his childhood friend Nozomu Sasaki did a lot of pranks at a Tanabata festival and thus got chased by the adults. Only he got caught and scolded, as Nozomu kept running leaving him behind, and so in his anger, he wished for misfortune to befall onto Nozomu on a paper slip he hanged on a Bamboo grass. Shortly after, his friend took a bad fall down the stairs of a shrine and break a bone. Tasuku felt guilty about his action then, which caused a wraith to appear protecting Nozomu from any misfortune although his protection ways would push him into bigger misfortune, unbeknownst to Tasuku.

After many years of misfortunes for Nozomu, Tasuku sought Rinne, who catches the wraith that retained the appearance of Tasuku’s younger self and makes it enter back into Tasuku through a vacuum and thus ends Nozomu’s problems.


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