Tatsuya Torihada (鳥波田タツヤ) is a student of Sankai High.



Unlike his grandfather who’s sensitive to heat, he’s sensitive to cold. On his last birthday in summer, his grandfather collapsed and died of heatstroke, while he was having a party with his classmates, thus he learned too late about it and didn’t make it in time to the hospital. He stopped sharing his room with his younger brother and started using his grandfather’s room as his own, which however constantly gets cold as the lingering spirit of his grandfather constantly uses the air conditioner’s remote control to set it to the strongest cooling, causing him to get a cold.

He sought Rinne, who makes the old man visible, so he believed his grandpa to be mad at him for not having been present at his time of death, but the old man reveals a hidden wine he bought the day Tatsuya was born that he was going to offer to him on his 20th birthday and drink with him, meaning his motive was to keep the room cool to ensure the wine would not be spoiled by the high temperature, which touches Tatsuya shedding tears, and his grandfather passes on.


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