The Ten Thousand Yen Theft Ghost (一万円窃盗霊, Ichi Man En Setto Rei) is the spirit of a man who is connected to a Ten Thousand Yen Bill.



He was so poor during his school days that he was in debt overdue and couldn’t borrow money from anyone. Once 20 years ago, when a friend of his invited him to a meal out of pity, he stole a ten thousand yens bill. But shortly after, he won 100 thousand yen through lottery, and was bent on paying his debts and giving back the stolen bill, but was too afraid to face his friend and so kept the stolen bill even after graduating. He died at some point and his spirit lingered still hoping to give back the bill to his friend, and succeeds in it by having his friend’s daughter receive that bill from an ATM. But as the bill was light and dirty, she tried to use immediately, but the ghost would make the bill come back to his friend’s family.

The girl sought Rinne and gave him the bill, although he doesn’t get the chance to use it as the ghost precludes him to by ruining ordered food and barring the entry to various shops and arcades. He eventually, along with Sakura and Tsubasa, meet the ghost who after revealing his story is advised to be brave enough to apologize to his friend. Rinne makes him visible to his friend, who gets mad revealing that he knew he was the one who stole his bill and was excepting him to apologize for his action, which drives the ghost to panic and bow down to him so he can be forgiven and pass on.


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