Tomoya Tadano (只野トモヤ Tadano Tomoya) is a student of Sankai High and Reiji's best friend.



He seems to be a mild-mannered boy and is best friends with Reiji, who fell in a coma after hitting his head on a street phone poll.

He learns from Rinne and Sakura that his spirit had left his body for a reason, and a demon Masato tricked him into believing that he started dating his girlfriend Suzu, as part of a stupid revenge against Rinne. Reiji rolled over him with his motorcycle, which made Suzu begin to feel disgusted of him. But after Sakura and Rokumon found and brought his gift for Suzu's birthday back to the hospital, he and Suzu burst into tears next to his body. Nevertheless, Reiji’s spirit returned to his body thanks to Rinne, he awoke and he and Suzu forgave him.


  • Although the Kanjis and Katakanas do not represent that meaning, his name in Japanese order means “Just a friend”.

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