The too thin one-piece (細すぎるワンピース, Hososugiru Wanpiisu) is a dress made by Sankai High student Asari Furugi’s grandmother.



During her younger days, Asari’s grandmother liked fashion and enjoyed making clothes herself. With a diet goal in mind, she made that dress with a very thin waist, but she eventually never wore it. Consequently, it turned into a Tsukumogami longing to be worn. Asari’s mother in her younger days couldn’t wear that dress herself, and it would always preclude her to eat, in hope of making her thin enough for itself, and so she prayed at a shrine to be freed from it.

Later, during summer, Asari found it, while checking for old clothes in her house's storeroom, and thought of wearing it too but was also not thin enough for it. And just like with her mother, it would appear whenever Asari tries to eat to preclude her in doing so. She thought of throwing it away, but it would always return to torment her. Rinne and Sakura come to solve its case at Asari’s house, and Rokumon thought of Sakura wearing it, but it wouldn’t fit her too. Rinne resorts to a channelling doll with a thinner appearance of Asari’s grandmother from a modified picture of her so the dress would finally be worn, causing it to be purified.


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