Tora (トラ) is the spirit of a cat, who hates being touched.



She’s a stray cat who has been dropping by an old lady’s house to eat cat food she willingly served for her for 10 years. After dying unnoticed, her spirit lingered around the old lady’s house, and she asked Rokumon to eat the cat food in her place, as she did not want the old lady to know she died. 10 days later, Sakura and Rinne discover Rokumon eating secretly, and since he did not ask Tora’s lingering attachment, Rinne attempts to commune with her by using a Nekomata Plug, which transforms her into a twin-tailed Nekomata. It is revealed that the old lady did know she died and was worried she could not pass on, then Tora realizes that even though she disliked being touched, she would have been glad to be touched once, but the old lady reveals that she’s actually allergic to cat, and upon expressing she had fun taking pictures of her, Tora was able to pass on.



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