This ghost was an unpopular student who never received any Valentine's Day candy and after his death obsessively stole any that he could find.


He is bald and has big eyes. He was much thinner when he was alive, and has grown fatter as he ate many chocolates as a ghost.


He hated when Valentine's Day came, since he was unpopular and thus never received any chocolate. One day, he heard that the girls were planning on purchasing chocolate for all the boys on Valentine's Day, guaranteeing he would get some chocolate for the first time. Unfortunately, he became sick and forced himself to go to school only to discover that he was still overlooked and was the only one not to receive chocolate. That’s when his strength ran out, and his spirit lingered, stealing and eating all the chocolates to be offered every Valentine's Day.

On the last Valentine's Day, he had stolen every chocolate to be offered by Sankai High female students. After hearing his story and assuming he would pass on if he receives chocolate from a girl, Sakura offers him the chocolates she and her mother made for Rinne, which greatly upsets Rinne who promptly cries bloody tears at the loss of his sweets. The ghost devours all the candy but then says he can’t pass on because they were not meant for him, which angers Rinne who then proceeds to perform enforced exorcism. As the ghost flees from Rinne, he sees other unpopular boys who feel relieved that no one will receive any Valentines chocolate since they weren’t going to receive any themselves, and their happy feelings allow the ghost to pass on.


  • He was not named.


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