Rin-ne Volume 2 is the second volume of the Rin-ne.


Sakura and Rinne deal with the ghosts of an ancient warrior and girl who drowned in the school swimming pool, but that's just a warm-up! A wandering spirit leads them to a surprising confrontation, one that takes Sakura and Rinne on an even more amazing chase!



Chapter # Title
9 "Nuptial Cups" (固めの盃 "Katame no Sakazuki")
Rinne and Sakura arrange for Kaori to meet the ghost of the fallen warrior, who may pass on if he and the reincarnation of his beloved hold their ceremony of vows. However, the ghost may have made a mistake.
10 "Reunion" (再会 "Saikai")
As a special mirror reveals Kaori’s past life, she, the fallen warrior and even Rinne get shocked. But thanks to a given detail, Rokumon may have a lead on the true reincarnation of the ghost’s beloved.
11 "Songstress of the Pool" (プールの歌姫 "Pūru no Utahime")
The school’s swimming pool is haunted by the ghost of a beautiful girl who was a popular star of the school choir named Misora Utagawa. Though she does want to pass on, she doesn’t remember her lingering regret.
12 "Something Lost" (無くしたもの "Nakushita Mono")
Rinne figures that the beautiful ghost was looking for something in the pool, which led her to die by running out of breath and is also the reason she wouldn’t sing in front of everyone.
13 "Curse" (祟 "Tatari")
While walking with Miho and Rika, Sakura witnesses a devil put a curse on the spirit of a student named Reiji Todoriki lingering at a phone pole, though he is not dead.
14 "Duel at the Rabbit Hutch" (ウサギ小屋の対決 "Usagi Koya no Taiketsu")
The devil named Masato appears revealing his past encounter with Rinne, and has plotted revenge against him using Reiji’s spirit whom he has corrupted with lies to drive him against his girlfriend and best friend.
15 "Spirit of No Return" (戻れない生霊 "Modorenai Ikiryō")
Sakura with Rokumon and Rinne try to save Reiji’s spirit from Masato, but no matter what they do, his fate to be taken to hell is unavoidable.
16 "Welcome to Hell!" (ようこそ地獄へ! "Yōkoso Jigoku e!")
Rinne pursues Masato having seized Reiji's spirit and illegally enters the Hell Tower, just as the devil expected. Meanwhile, Sakura and Rokumon discover why Reiji’s spirit was at the street phone pole.
17 "Debt Hell" (借金地獄 "Shakkin Jigoku")
As Rinne continues his battle against Masato for Reiji’s spirit, his situation keeps worsening. Sakura and Rokumon have entered the Hell tower too and make a large withdrawal with a cash card from Masato.
18 "Stream of a Thousand Winds" (千の風気流 "Sen no Kaze Kiryū")
As part of Masato’s plan, Sakura and Rokumon arrive with the piles of cash that are actually counterfeited. However, a turn of events occurs as Rinne uses the fake bills in a way Masato did not expect.

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