Rin-ne Volume 3 is the third volume of Rin-ne.


A boy from Sakura's past appears, hoping to win a date with her. But the ghost of lovelorn boy leads to an unexpected triple date. Can an exorcism take place at an amusement park? Does Rinne have feeling for Sakura? Compared to playing the dating game, dealing with angry ghosts and rogue shinigami may be less frightening!



Chapter # Title
19 "The Transfer Student" (転校生 "Tenkōsei")
A new transfer student named Tsubasa Jumonji appears, and not only does he have a crush on Sakura since long ago due to sharing her same ability to see ghosts, but also a violent way of dealing with ghosts, which Rinne objects.
20 "If You Don't Mind, Let's Be Friends First" (友だちからで良ければ "Tomodachi kara de Yokereba")
Tsubasa continues to make advances towards Sakura, which seems to make Rinne feel awkward, and interferes in Rinne’s attempt to help a ghost named Usui go on a date with the girl he liked in order to pass on.
21 "A Fun Date" (楽しいデート "Tanoshii Dēto")
A triple date has resulted, in which Tsubasa then experiences Rinne’s way of exorcising spirits, and Rinne begins to realize he has developed feelings for Sakura.
22 "One Hundred Thousand Yen" (10万円 "Jūman-en")
While Rinne is excited to hunt down an evil spirit for a big bounty, the school is haunted by a spunky little ghost named Hanako who has a grudge over Tsubasa.
23 "The Price of Power" (力の代償 "Chikara no Daishō")
Rinne consults with his grandmother, who informs him about the evil spirit named Toichi and a terrible fate Hanako may suffer.
24 "Shinigami Scythe" (死神のカマ "Shinigami no Kama")
Rinne uses his recovered Shinigami Scythe against Toichi, which leaves Tsubasa stunned and makes him repent for his treatments toward Hanako.
25 "Lure of the Pumpkinhead" (カボチャ頭の誘惑 "Kabocha Kaburi no Yūwaku")
During a festival held at school, a fellow classmate named Mari is being fooled by a Damashigami using a handsome face, and she isn't the first one.
26 "Hall of the Damashigami" (だまし神の館 "Damashigami no Kan")
In order to infiltrate the seducing Damashigami’s dimension, Rinne lures him back through a ruse. But saving all the captured school girls won’t be simple.
27 "Draw Me" (私を描いて "Watashi o Kaite")
Rinne, Sakura and also Tsubasa investigate a female spirit with no face terrorizing male art students at school. It turns out that spirit is precisely a strong emotion.
28 "Black & White" (黒と白 "Kuro to Shiro")
As Rinne tracks the origin of the faceless spirit, two students have confessions to make.

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