Rin-ne Volume 5 is the fifth volume of Rin-ne.


Ageha, a young shinigami girl with a serious grudge against the evil Damashigami Company, searches for her missing sister with Rinne's help. Ageha is head over heels for Rinne, but he's got Sakura Mamiya on his mind. And how does Sakura feel about this odd ghost-busting love triangle?



Chapter # Title
39 "The Hot Secretary's True Identity" (美人秘書の正体 "Bijin Hisho no Shōtai")
Ageha fights Sabato’s secretary and suffers many disillusions as the secretary’s identity is revealed.
40 "Rich Girl" (お嬢様 "Ojō-sama")
Rinne must continuously stop Ageha from falling for Damashigamis tricks, and he still has to worry about Sakura believing the two to be romantically involved.
41 "Just a Simple Thanks" (あくまでお礼 "Akumade Orei")
Rinne tries to convince Sakura that there is nothing between him and Ageha, only for her to walk away with her friends, while Ageha, set on winning Rinne’s heart, brings him a large bento box and learns about his love for Sakura from his rival.
42 "Soul Eater King" (魂食王 "Konshoku Ō")
Rinne and Sakura are alone in their classroom, for the bento box Ageha brought for Rinne contained an evil spirit who intends to eat someone’s soul after granting 3 wishes.
43 "The Unopenable Bookshelves" (開かずの本棚 "Akazuno Hondana")
Two movable bookshelves have become unopenable and students have been getting hurt, trying to open them. The cause is revealed to be the disembodied spirit of a Tosa dog residing between those bookshelves, and while Rinne Sakura and Tsubasa try to deal with the dog, Ageha finds the ghost of a former student.
44 "Roses and Soy Sauce" (薔薇と醤油 "Shōbi to Shōyu")
Since Ageha found the ghost named Fumika Honda, she’s in charge of her, so Rinne Sakura and Tsubasa can just observe. Although the ghost has a connection with the Tosa dog at the movable bookshelves, Ageha has her own logic.
45 "The Cursed Track Star" (呪われたエース "Norowareta Ēsu")
Rinne is requested by track club captain Shu Kazami to help star runner Riku Hayata, who’s been tripping a lot while running.
46 "I Don't Want Him to Know" (知らせたくない "Shirasetakunai")
As Riku’s problem hardly gets resolved, Rinne discovers the cause being the fact that he was not the first one to be haunted.
47 "The Haunted Cedar" (おばけ杉 "Obake Sugi")
Tsubasa invites Sakura to her elementary school where he met her, to dig up his power stone he buried at a tree at the schoolyard. There, they meet the ghost of a young boy named Yota who attacks them with a giant yo-yo.
48 "Yo-Yo Memories" (ヨーヨーの思い出 "Yōyō no Omoide")
Sakura remembers Yota from her elementary school days, and Rinne noticed that he’s possessed by an evil spirit, on top of having a lingering attachment since long ago.

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