Rin-ne Volume 6 is the sixth volume of Rin-ne.


Say hello to Kain, a shinigami clerk who records human life spans! Rinne's father, Sabato, owes Kain's mother a ton of money. As collateral, Kain takes something precious from Rinne. But when Sabato returns to the scene, Rinne's in a whole bunch of trouble!



Chapter # Title
49 "The Power Stone's Curse" (聖石の呪い "Pawā Sutōn no Noroi")
The devil Masato returns, giving a book to Tsubasa to use it with his tainted power stone to curse Rinne. And although Tsubasa wouldn’t submit to a devil, he can’t help doing it unintentionally due to his animosity toward Rinne.
50 "The Chain of Negativity" (負の連鎖 "Fu no Rensa")
Tsubasa tries to resolve his matter, but he can’t get rid of Masato’s book no matter how, and his unintended curses on Rinne continue, causing his power stone to get darker, which is also what Masato expects.
51 "Spirits" (精霊 "Seirei")
Masato and Tsubasa got exposed, and one more curse on Rinne would allow Masato to kill two birds with one stone. Yet after Tsubasa makes a bold move, his power stone shows surprising effects.
52 "The Look-Alike Ghost" (同じ顔の幽霊 "Onaji Kao no Yūrei")
A rumor is sweeping through the school that the president of the student council named Naomi Yuki disguises herself and commits delinquent acts in the streets. It is actually the work of a ghost named Ranko, who oddly enough is visible to people, and there’s a reason why they look like.
53 "Love Song" (愛の歌 "Ai no Uta")
Rinne keeps questioning Ranko to help her remember what is the message she hopes to give, and the presence of Naomi may prove beneficial.
54 "The Shinigami Clerk" (記死神 "Shirushigami")
Ageha’s feelings get hurt, when she ruins an operation to reach the Damashigami company made by Kain, a Shirushigami who holds some control over Rinne.
55 "Seizure" (差し押さえ "Sashiosae")
Kain showed up at Sankai High, and after revealing how his mother got duped by Sabato, seizes Rinne’s life flame and haori, then demand his friends to find the Damashigami company for him.
56 "Capital" (資本金 "Shihonkin")
Rinne’s disembodied spirit along with his friends head to the workplace of the Shirushigamis, and meet upon Kain’s mother who proves to be really naïve.
57 "Inside The Crate" (箱の中 "Hako no Naka")
Kain is bent on making Rinne get reborn, and Sakura puts her life on the line by bringing Rinne a tool that his father stole him and gave to Kain’s mother.
58 "Ring of Judgment" (裁きの輪 "Sabaki no Wa")
While Rinne and Sakura apparently got sucked into the wheel of reincarnation, the item is revealed to be a powerful weapon called the Ring of Judgment, which proves beneficial to Rinne in terms of justice.

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