Volume 07
Author Rumiko Takahashi
Publication date March 18, 2011( Japanese)

November 8, 2011 (English)

Published by Shogakukan (Japanese)

Viz Media (English)

ISBN ISBN 978-4-0912-2798-0 (Japanese)

ISBN 978-1-421-54173-0 (English)

Publication Order
Preceded by
Volume 06
Followed by
Volume 08

Rin-ne Volume 7 is the seven volume of Rin-ne.


When ghosts appear in Sakura's house, she commissions Rinne to find out what's going on. Rinne's on cloud nine at the thought of going to Sakura's house, but when Jumonji and Ageha barge in on them, will the investigation grind to a halt? Ghostly cats, curses and haunted festivals... With all this trouble, Rinne's definitely got his hands full!


Main Characters

Supporting Characters


Chapter # Title
59 "The Summer Festival Mystery"(夏祭りの怪 "Natsumatsuri no Kai")
60 "The Teddy Bear Memory"(クマちゃんの思い出 "Kuma-chan no Omoide")
61 "Welcome To Nirvana House!"(涅槃家へようこそ! "Nehan-ke e Yōkoso!")
62 "The Spirit Way Stone"(霊道石 "Reidōseki")
63 "The Voices from the Shrine"(祠の声 "Hokora no Koe")
64 "Bakeneko"(化け猫)
65 "The House Where Ghosts Don't Tread"(霊の来ない家 "Rei no Konai Ie")
66 "Expired"(期限切れ "Kigengire")
67 "The Horticulture Club Incident"(園芸部の異変 "Engeibu no Ihen")
68 "How The Curse Was Cast"(呪いの方法 "Noroi no Hōhō")

Anime Episodes

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