Rin-ne Volume 7 is the seventh volume of Rin-ne.


When ghosts appear in Sakura's house, she commissions Rinne to find out what's going on. Rinne's on cloud nine at the thought of going to Sakura's house, but when Jumonji and Ageha barge in on them, will the investigation grind to a halt? Ghostly cats, curses and haunted festivals... With all this trouble, Rinne's definitely got his hands full!



Chapter # Title
59 "The Summer Festival Mystery" (夏祭りの怪 "Natsumatsuri no Kai")
Sakura goes to a local festival with Tsubasa and her friends, and they spot Rinne with a student named Natsumi. The two are pretending to be dating to find the root of a curse, but Sakura is more attentive of Rinne smiling.
60 "The Teddy Bear Memory" (クマちゃんの思い出 "Kuma-chan no Omoide")
Rinne must deal with the irrationality of the ghost of Natsumi’s grandfather to make him pass on, and convince Sakura that he’s not dating Natsumi.
61 "Welcome To Nirvana House!" (涅槃家へようこそ! "Nehan-ke e Yōkoso!")
A large number of ghosts occupy a beach. Sakura and Tsubasa discover Rinne and Ageha, working as lifeguards for these ghosts in order to help them relive happy memories from their lives so that they will pass on. But one of them doesn’t have happy memories and has a different wish.
62 "The Spirit Way Stone" (霊道石 "Reidōseki")
As summer vacation comes to an end, the school is plagued by many ghosts, which is connected to a stone that stuck itself on top of the head of a student.
63 "The Voices from the Shrine" (祠の声 "Hokora no Koe")
Sakura and her friends visit a small shrine in the street, in which voices of children can be heard, and Rinne is requested to investigate a boy acting like a cat at a family’s house.
64 "Bakeneko" (化け猫)
Rinne must free the children from the shrine by dragging the 2 escaped bakenekos back into it. 
65 "The House Where Ghosts Don't Tread" (霊の来ない家 "Rei no Konai Ie")
Much to Sakura’s surprise, ghosts have become able to enter and wander in her house, so she invites Rinne at her home to discover the cause, although more company tag along.
66 "Expired" (期限切れ "Kigengire")
Rinne must figure how to banish not only the ghosts from Sakura's house, but also the pesky visitors Ageha and Tsubasa who disrupt his attempt to earn Sakura’s gratitude.
67 "The Horticulture Club Incident" (園芸部の異変 "Engeibu no Ihen")
The sweet potatoes of the school’s horticulture club have been cursed, and a fellow classmate who was a member of that club has her shadow shaped like a potato, but she’s too sensitive to confess anything.
68 "How The Curse Was Cast" (呪いの方法 "Noroi no Hōhō")
Rinne figures how and why the curse was cast on the sweet potatoes, and love confessions is all it takes to undo the curse.

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