Rin-ne Volume 8 is the eight volume of Rin-ne.


Rinne finds himself acting as a mentor for the shinigami Shoma, an elementary school student from the afterlife. Although Shoma is supposed to be learning how to help spirits pass on, he only wants to go after the biggest evil spirits he can find—despite the fact that he’s never done it before! The devil Masato offers Shoma an easy road to success, but can Rinne show the young shinigami the right path?



Chapter # Title
69 "Homestay Training" (ホームステイ実習 "Hōmusutei Jisshū")
A training program for Shinigami children takes place, and Rinne acts as tutor to a brat named Shoma, who aims for evil spirits.
70 "The Story Behind the Alligator Woman" (ワニ女の事情 "Wani-onna no Jijō")
Shoma targets an “alligator woman”, believing it to be an evil spirit. But that spirit is not what it seemed, as Sakura finds a lady with the same face as the spirit’s, searching for her alligator pet.
71 "Chibi's Memories" (チビの思い出 "Chibi no Omoide")
The alligator spirit has gone on rampage, and Shoma can’t do anything right to deal with it. Meanwhile, Sakura tries to convince the lady about what happened to her pet.
72 "Introduction to an Evil Spirit" (悪霊紹介 "Akuryō Shōkai")
The spoiled Shoma has yet to send any spirits to the afterlife and so is still stuck with Rinne. While on his own, he is approached by Masato.
73 "Supervisory Liability" (監督責任 "Kantoku Sekinin")
Sakura and Rokumon try to stop Shoma, who’s been tricked by Masato in turning innocent ghosts into evil spirits.
74 "Party of Five, This Way" (5名様ご案内 "Go-mei-sama Goannai")
Masato makes his way to hell with Shoma and the captured spirits, yet Shoma tries to fight back and has a change of heart about Rinne.
75 "The Friendly Square" (フレンドリースクエア "Furendorī Sukuea")
Ageha naively buys a kotatsu which supposedly causes anyone who shares it to become closer to each other, in hopes of getting closer with Rinne. But that kotatsu may not be such a fake.
76 "The Curse of the Kitchen Counter" (呪われた調理台 "Norowareta Chōridai")
Rinne and his class are having cooking class, but the kitchen counter is haunted by a ghost who sabotages every cooking.
77 "The Strangling Scarf" (首しめマフラー "Kubishime Mafurā")
Winter has come, and a rampaging scarf strangles any boy who’d received a scarf from a girl. In order to lure it, Rokumon suggests Sakura making a scarf for Rinne.
78 "The Present" (プレゼント "Purezento")
Rinne and Sakura continue the case of the strangling scarf, revealed to have been knitted by the president of the handicraft club. Will everyone be happy?

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