Rin-ne Volume 9 is the ninth volume of Rin-ne.


A ghost at the skating rink, restless spirit from the Taisho era, and Rinne’s deadbeat damashigami dad going into the ramen business?! Rinne’s got a real outbreak of strange problems and ghosts to deal with. And if that’s not enough, Rinne gets sucked into a spat between Ageha and her Black Cat by Contract, Oboro!



Chapter # Title
79 "Sleep, Exam Student" (眠れ受験生 "Nemure Jukensei")
A third-year student is preparing for university entrance exam, but he can’t help falling asleep every time he tries to study. Rinne discovers that this problem happens to many other students, who are being tutored by a beautiful college student.
80 "I'll Be Waiting at the Rink" (リンクで待ってる "Rinku de Matteru")
Sakura meets the ghost of a little girl named Yukina at an ice-skating rink, waiting for a boy named Shizuka, who happens to have requested Rinne. Her case won’t be easily solved for many reasons, including since Rinne doesn’t know how to skate.
81 "Extra Infusion" (補足注入 "Hosoku Chūnyū")
The ice-skating rink suffers great damages, as angry feelings are exchanged between Yukina and Shizuka. Yet true feelings are revealed.
82 "Within the Letter Box" (文箱の中 "Fumibako no Naka")
Tsubasa has agreed to satisfy a female ghost from the Taisho era, who died of a broken heart. Sakura and Rinne suspect the ghost has a different motive for hanging onto him.
83 "The Secret of the Numbers" (数字の秘密 "Sūji no Himitsu")
Tsubasa keeps being plagued by freak accidents, but his pride wouldn’t allow him to borrow Rinne’s talent. Nevertheless, Rinne investigates and discovers something Tsubasa knew from the very start.
84 "Ramen Kaedama" (ラーメンかえ魂 "Rāmen Kaedama")
A new ramen shop has opened near the school, where it was rumoured to be haunted. And much to Rinne’s surprise, on top of serving really cheap yet delicious bowls of ramen, the head chief is his father.
85 "Goal Fulfillment" (目標の達成 "Mejirushi no Tassei")
Sabato managed to escape from his inconvenience and put his Damashigami scheme in motion, using the ramen shop. Now it will take some intelligence for Rinne to overcome his machination.
86 "The Wig's Regret" (カツラの無念 "Katsura no Munen")
The drama club is tormented by a wig, which demands to be used in the play it was supposed to be featured in. But that wig may not be what it appears to be.
87 "Oboro's Revenge" (朧の復讐 "Oboro no Fukushū")
A bunch of ghost snakes are on the loose in the living world, leaving Rinne to clean up the mess. It turns out this is all part of a plot engineered by a black cat seeking revenge against Ageha, who’s terrified of snakes.
88 "The Contract and the Mongoose" (契約書とマングース "Keiyakusho to Mangūsu")
Oboro hopes to void his employment with Ageha by destroying their contract, but Ageha tries to make him suffer using it. Their fight goes awry with a released mongoose spirit.

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