Volume 10
Tome XQILjgUhnhOdLi1
Author Rumiko Takahashi
Publication date November 18, 2011 (Japanese)

November 13, 2012 (English)

Published by Shogakukan (Japanese)

Viz Media (English)

ISBN ISBN 978-4-0912-3450-6 (Japanese)

ISBN 978-1-421-54317-8 (English)

Publication Order
Preceded by
Volume 09
Followed by
Volume 11

Rin-ne Volume 10 is the tenth volume of Rin-ne.


The Shinigami Ageha caught more than she bargained for when she tried to set a trap for her troublesome Black Cat by Contract, Oboro. Now Rinne has to try and capture a giant mongoose spirit and settle Ageha and Oboro’s contract dispute!


Main Characters

Supporting Characters


Chapter # Title
89 "A Black Cat's Life" (黒猫生命 "Kuroneko Seimei")
90 "Partner" (パートナー "Pātonā")
91 "The Vanishing Bus Stop" (消えた停留場 "Kieta Teiryūjo")
92 "Digital Camera Ghost" (デジカメ幽霊 "Dejikame Yūrei")
93 "Message" (メッセージ "Messēji")
94 "The Vanishing Membership Fee" (消えた会費 "Kieta Kaihi")
95 "The Cost of Pride" (プライドの値段 "Puraido no Nedan")
96 "Dream Court" (夢のコート "Yume no Kōto")
97 "Shinigami's Taboo" (死神界のタブー "Shinigamikai no Tabū")
98 "Poltergeist" (ポルターガイスト "Porutāgaisuto")

Anime Episodes

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