Rin-ne Volume 10 is the tenth volume of Rin-ne.


The Shinigami Ageha caught more than she bargained for when she tried to set a trap for her troublesome Black Cat by Contract, Oboro. Now Rinne has to try and capture a giant mongoose spirit and settle Ageha and Oboro’s contract dispute!



Chapter # Title
89 "A Black Cat's Life" (黒猫生命 "Kuroneko Seimei")
Although Ageha got swallowed up by the mongoose along with the contract, it looks like she hasn’t been digested, as she could send 2 messages to Rinne and Oboro. Is she up to something?
90 "Partner" (パートナー "Pātonā")
Oboro gets mad at Ageha, upon discovering her plan with Rinne, due to the relationship between a Shinigami and a black cat which Rinne points.
91 "The Vanishing Bus Stop" (消えた停留場 "Kieta Teiryūjo")
Sakura finds a ghost trapped in a bus, and his case won’t be solved easily since Rinne is carsick.
92 "Digital Camera Ghost" (デジカメ幽霊 "Dejikame Yūrei")
Rinne was requested to deal with a ghost who has been stalking there, taking pictures of members. He discovers the ghost is related to the captain of the club named Ryoko.
93 "Message" (メッセージ "Messēji")
Having learned about the stalking ghost from her mother, Ryoko is disgusted with him. Yet, Rinne discovers something through the pictures he had been taking since his death.
94 "The Vanishing Membership Fee" (消えた会費 "Kieta Kaihi")
Rokumon was entrusted to deliver an important payment to the Mortal Census Bureau, but a female black cat named Suzu shows up to Rinne with a letter saying his payment was not received. And her owner, the Shirushigami Kain is not willing to help Rinne find out what happened to his missing fee.
95 "The Cost of Pride" (プライドの値段 "Puraido no Nedan")
Back in the Mortal Census Bureau, Rinne tangles with Kain to prove his fee was delivered.
96 "Dream Court" (夢のコート "Yume no Kōto")
Rinne is requested by a tennis club to investigate the disappearance of tennis balls. It is revealed to be the work of a male ghost, who may pass on by playing a match on the tennis court. But the boy is a novice.
97 "Shinigami's Taboo" (死神界のタブー "Shinigamikai no Tabū")
Ageha has carelessly forgotten to turn in a ghost motel, which means serious consequences, and as she orders Oboro to throw it away, it ends up successively found by many, who are each too afraid to turn it in.
98 "Poltergeist" (ポルターガイスト "Porutāgaisuto")
Sakura and her friends visit an apartment which a classmate and her family could buy for a cheap price. But that suspicious low price is because of levitating dishes by a ghost with a ridiculous appearance.

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