Rin-ne Volume 11 is the eleventh volume of Rin-ne.


Sakura eats some special candy and loses her ability to sense and see ghosts! Although she’s happy for a break, unfortunately she becomes the target of the A-1 Grand Prix, an annual contest for evil spirits! Later, Rinne confronts an icy ghost in the middle of summer, and crosses paths with the Level 6 Black Cat Kurosu!



Chapter # Title
99 "Unseen Candy" (見えないキャンディー "Mienai Kyandī")
Sakura is being offered by Tamako a candy that renders her unable to see ghosts anymore, and she happens to be chosen as the main target of a very large group of evil spirits who are part of a A-1 Grand Prix.
100 "The Target is Sakura" (ターゲットは桜 "Tāgetto wa Sakura")
Sakura enjoys her ghost-free life, unaware of Rinne working hard to protect her from the numerous evil spirits. A decoy doll with the appearance of Sakura may prove practical, however…
101 "Where's Rinne?" (りんねはどこに? "Rinne wa Doko ni?")
The A-1 Grand Prix is coming to an end, and Rinne wonders about Sakura, who due to not have seen him for days makes a decision.
102 "The Puppy in the Rain" (雨の中の子犬 "Ame no Naka no Koinu")
A student is being endlessly rained on, even indoors. He fears to be loathed by the ghost of a dog from long ago, but Rinne doesn’t feel any resentment from that dog.
103 "Poverty Moth" (貧乏蛾 "Binbō Ga")
Rinne and Rokumon fear a poverty moth which renders anyone poorer, and problem child Shoma tries to capture it himself with the assistance of his black cat named Kurosu, who’s highly skilled.
104 "The Jealous Cat" (妬み猫 "Netami Neko")
Rokumon tries to capture a jealous cat spirit for a high-class brand of cat food reward, but must square off against Kurosu who aims for that pesky feline as well.
105 "The Half-Price Haunted House!!" (お化け屋敷半額!! "Obakeyashiki Hangaku!!")
Ageha and Tsubasa take their crushes to a haunted house that seems to have a dangerous effect on couples who get too close, although the two have different plans in mind.
106 "This Isn't A Date!" (デートではない! "Dēto de wa Nai!")
Still in the haunted house, Rinne was spotted with Ageha by Sakura and Tsubasa, and he still has to find the Damashigamis who have been stealing couples’ souls.
107 "Piping Hot" (アツアツ "Atsuatsu")
It’s summer and its intense heat is too much for Rinne and Rokumon, until they learn from Sakura of a free refrigerator that keeps cool without power, which is due to a snow woman living in it.
108 "The Prowling Watermelon" (さまようスイカ "Samayou Suika")
As the watermelon splitting competition approaches, the committee members are being attacked by a mysterious vengeful spirit using a watermelon for a head. It’s up to Rinne to find out who is or rather are the cause. 

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