Volume 12
Author Rumiko Takahashi
Publication date May 18, 2012 (Japanese)

July 9, 2013 (English)

Published by Shogakukan (Japanese)

Viz Media (English)

ISBN ISBN 978-4-09-123657-9 (Japanese)

ISBN 978-1-421-55163-0 (English)

Publication Order
Preceded by
Volume 11
Followed by
Volume 13

Rin-ne Volume 12 is the twelfth volume of Rin-ne.


Rinne’s Black Cat by Contract, Rokumon, is going to take the Black Cat Ranking Test! Rokumon’s rival Black Cats, Oboro and Suzu, have also joined the battle, and Rinne seems disturbed about the exam fee! From haunted pools to a fracas over mushrooms, Rinne always has his share of ghostly problems to solve!


Main Characters

Supporting Characters


Chapter # Title
109 "An Observed Event" (注目のイベント "Chūmoku no Ibento")
110 "Black Cat Grade Test" (黒猫段位テスト "Kuroneko Dan'i Tesuto")
111 "Battle of Cat Tower" (猫タワーの戦い "Neko Tawā no Tatakai")
112 "Let's Cooperate!" (協力しよう! "Kyōryoku Shiyō!")
113 "Battle Royale" (バトルロイヤル "Batoru Roiyaru")
114 "Outnumbered" (多勢に無勢 "Tazei ni Buzei")
115 "The Cursed Straw Doll" (呪いのワラ人形 "Noroi no Wara Ningyo")
116 "Let's Speak Clearly" (ちゃんと話そう "Chanto Hanasō")
117 "The Wandering Power Stone" (さまよえるパワーストーン "Samayoeru Pawā Sutōn")
118 "Ripple in Mushrooms" (松茸の波紋 "Matsutake no Hamon")

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