Rin-ne Volume 12 is the twelfth volume of Rin-ne.


Rinne’s Black Cat by Contract, Rokumon, is going to take the Black Cat Ranking Test! Rokumon’s rival Black Cats, Oboro and Suzu, have also joined the battle, and Rinne seems disturbed about the exam fee! From haunted pools to a fracas over mushrooms, Rinne always has his share of ghostly problems to solve!



Chapter # Title
109 "An Observed Event" (注目のイベント "Chūmoku no Ibento")
The ghost of a gravure idol is lingering at the public swimming pool, and the attentions she could not get when she was alive may be too hard for her and for Rinne to get.
110 "Black Cat Grade Test" (黒猫段位テスト "Kuroneko Dan'i Tesuto")
Rokumon gets his master’s permission to take an exam for Black Cats, and Oboro and Suzu also participate, under their masters’ command.
111 "Battle of Cat Tower" (猫タワーの戦い "Neko Tawā no Tatakai")
With everyone’s scythe ruined by the concentration test, Rinne and also Kain are mostly determined to win the cooperation test to get a free repair ticket. But up ahead awaits a rather unexpected obstacle.
112 "Let's Cooperate!" (協力しよう! "Kyōryoku Shiyō!")
Rokumon convinces all black cats to work together through a strategy to overcome Kurosu, although that cooperation won’t last especially with only one free Shinigami Scythe repair ticket.
113 "Battle Royale" (バトルロイヤル "Batoru Roiyaru")
The final test of the exam is a fight among black cats, in which tools and weapons can be purchased with gift shopping vouchers. Hoping to preserve as much vouchers as possible for Rinne’s scythe, Rokumon tries to fight with cheap stuff.
114 "Outnumbered" (多勢に無勢 "Tazei ni Buzei")
The battle between black cats continues. Will Rokumon succeed and graduate to the first rank?
115 "The Cursed Straw Doll" (呪いのワラ人形 "Noroi no Wara Ningyo")
Sakura and her friends find a cursed straw doll at a local shrine, and there appears the ghost of a girl named Yoko Kano, who was a student of Sankai High School and has a connection with PE Coach Suzuki.
116 "Let's Speak Clearly" (ちゃんと話そう "Chanto Hanasō")
Rinne and Sakura continue with Yoko’s case, and have Suzuki confess things he never dared to speak about.
117 "The Wandering Power Stone" (さまよえるパワーストーン "Samayoeru Pawā Sutōn")
Sakura and her friends pass by a power stone shop, and the owner offers her one, for an odd little sacred spirit inhabits it, who can’t grant any wish magically. And only Tsubasa can resolve the matter.
118 "Ripple in Mushrooms" (松茸の波紋 "Matsutake no Hamon")
Rinne receives some high-quality mushrooms from an unknown sender. Although Rinne is careful, Rokumon wants to taste them, which triggers a fight between the Shinigami and his contractor.

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