Rin-ne Volume 13 is the thirteenth volume of Rin-ne.


While out looking for a place to have his scythe repaired, Rinne runs into the rabbit-eared twins Right and Left, scythe smiths and proprietors of the Crescent Moon Hall forge. The first repair is free, but the fix might leave Rinne looking for a refund!



Chapter # Title
119 "Lend Me ♥ Money" (お金♥貸して "Okane ♥ Kashite")
Rinne’s old man is hitting up anyone for money, for he was cleaned out by debt collectors. What exactly does he want to retrieve?
120 "The Mikazuki Temple Siblings" (三日月堂の姉弟 "Mikazukidō no Kyōdai")
Just as the price for Shinigami Scythe repair has gone up, Rinne is lured to a pretty run-down shop, currently owned by twins named Refuto and Raito with business trouble.
121 "Half of My Life" (我が半生 "Waga Hansei")
Rinne puts to test his modified scythe on the spirit of a vindictive girl Sakura found and it’s obvious the craftsman Refuto needs some savoir-faire.
122 "Wax Doudosu" (ワックスどうどす "Wakkusu Dōdosō")
Raito shows up with a wax to polish a scythe, which Rinne considers useless, but oddly enough some muddy rugby uniforms are on the loose. Isn’t that a strange coincidence?
123 "False Accusations" (濡れ衣 "Nureginu")
The briefcase containing bonus money for the Mortal Census Bureau was switched by a case full of party crackers. And Rinne is accused of theft, as the case full of money happened to be in his room.
124 "M's Tragedy" (Mの悲劇 "M no Higeki")
Along with Masato, Rinne investigates how the briefcases accidently got mixed up to prove his innocence to Kain.
125 "Spirit of Sweets" (スイーツ霊 "Suittsu Rei")
A sweet store is haunted by a chubby female ghost, who wouldn’t eat as many sweets as she’d like for a reason.
126 "Deliciousness Monitor" (旨味たっぷりモニター "Umami Tappuri Monitā")
The twin rabbits force Rinne to test a new scythe for cat spirits, with an unusual appetizing blade.
127 "Christmas Requirements" (クリスマスの条件 "Kurisumasu no Jōken")
An abandoned house yearning for a Christmas party precludes anyone entering it to leave, and Rinne will have to make a harsh sacrifice.
128 "Blank Votive" (白紙絵馬 "Hakushi Ema")
Rinne won a blank ema during a New Year’s raffle, in which he can wish anything worth 50000 yen, but his bit of luck may be ruined as a ghost ruining emas with black slash marks happens to be around.

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