Rin-ne Volume 14 is the fourteenth volume of Rin-ne.


Renge Shima, a hot transfer student, is Rinne's new classmate. But whose spirit is that hovering over her shoulder?! As if that weren’t enough, Rinne also has to deal with a Black Cat elder, a Nine-Tailed Fox and a visit from a demon of Hell!!



Chapter # Title
129 "The Mystery of the Withering Hill" (砕け坂の怪 "Kudake Ban no Kai")
A fat evil spirit is haunting a hill, and as the students won’t allow anyone to exorcise it in hope of having a marathon competition cancelled, only Sakura and Rokumon can deal with the problem.
130 "The Senior's Legacy" (長老の遺産 "Chōrō no Isan")
Rokumon, Oboro, Suzu and Kurosu assist to a ceremony in honor of a powerful 700 years old black cat. And his inheritance, which he’ll give to whoever manages to take it from him, explains why he rarely shows himself in public.
131 "Oni and Setsubun" (鬼と節分 "Oni to Setsubun")
On the night of Setsubun, a real Oni steals every bean at a kid’s bean throwing party. Although his motive is revealed to be not so devilish.
132 "The Curse of One Hundred Years Later" (百年後の祟り "Hyakunen Nochi no Tatari")
Kain informs Rinne that the spirit of a nine-tailed fox, captured long ago by his grandmother, escaped from the Mortal Census Bureau’s washing room. Having sworn revenge by cursing Tamako’s grandson, the fox possesses Tsubasa.
133 "The Fox Trap" (狐おとし "Kitsune Otoshi")
Right in front of the school, Rinne and Kain struggle to have the fox removed from Tsubasa, which won’t be easily done, since Tsubasa himself won’t allow it.
134 "The Mysterious Transfer Student" (謎の転校生 "Nazo no Tenkōsei")
A new beautiful student Renge Shima is introduced. Hovering over her is a strange seducing spirit which caused a soccer player to be besotted with her to the point of breaking up with his girlfriend, who requested Rinne to investigate.
135 "The Real Renge" (れんげの正体 "Renge no Shōtai")
Renge shows her true nature to those who can see her seducing spirit, which she purposely used to seduce boys. Rinne confronts her, realizing she’s a Damashigami, and she reveals to have seized Tsubasa’s soul and captured Sakura.
136 "One Hundred Souls" (百個めの魂 "Hyaku Kome no Kon")
Renge lured Rinne into a deadly trap which would make him her 100th victim. She then speaks with Sakura, who notices Renge to be different from the other Damashigamis, and plans to make use of her.
137 "Aim for the Top" (トップを目指す "Toppu o Mezasu")
Renge reveals how she miserably became a Damashigami, and although she manages to escape, Rinne and Sakura do not have to search far for the 99 captured souls.
138 "Moving" (引っ越しのご挨拶 "Hikkoshi Goaisatsu")
Rokumon meets upon an elderly black cat and helps her bring the furniture to her master’s relocation. That relocation happens to be the room next to Rinne’s, and her master happens to be Renge, who is not done trying to control anyone.

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