Rin-ne Volume 15 is the fifteenth volume of Rin-ne.


The damashigami Renge has moved into the room next to Rinne’s in the old club building. Renge has been giving away lucky cell phone charm straps for free, and as a result, Rinne’s losing business! With everyone around Renge getting caught up in her affairs, Rinne has his work cut out for him!



Chapter # Title
139 "Charm Strap" (お守りストラップ "Omamori Sutorappu")
Rinne has not been receiving anything through the instrument shelter because of warding straps distributed by Renge, which bring lethal consequences.
140 "A Flood of Evil Spirits" (悪霊殺到 "Akuryō Sattō")
With the blade of his scythe pawned, Rinne can hardly deal with the evil spirits haunting the students at school, so Sakura takes action herself, but Renge has more than one trick up her sleeve.
141 "Princess Sasameki" (囁姫 "Sasameki-hime")
At an antique market in the otherworld, Rinne and Kain find a deeply discounted scythe forged by the twin rabbits’ predecessor and fight for it, although that weapon is not that special.
142 "The Breakup Meal" (破局セット "Hakyoku Setto")
Ageha tries to split the relation between Rinne and Sakura with a set of tools, and eventually gets into a fight with Renge for, despite having been elementary school classmates, they’ve always been different.
143 "The Lying Couple" (偽りのカップル "Itsuwari no Kapuru")
Renge has fooled Ageha into believing she’s interested in Rinne, in order to have disasters fall upon her by using the breakup tools on a pair who do not have a romantic relationship. The more disasters she casts, the deadlier becomes the disasters.
144 "The Separation God" (縁切り神 "Enkiri Kami")
In spite of all the disasters she suffers, Ageha continues using the breakup tools on Rinne and Renge, who learn that there’s a more dreadful consequence if a wrong use of those tools is repeated 5 times.
145 "The Heavy Shoulder" (肩が重い "Kata ga Omoi")
Rinne is requested by the manager of the baseball club worried about the pitcher who has trouble pitching because of the ghost of a girl holding on to his arm.
146 "Pursuit and Reunion" (追跡と再会 "Tsuiseki to Saikai")
Kain assaults a Damashigami shop and tracks the owner of a dropped wallet, who is none other than Renge. Rinne and Sakura learn that the two know each other since middle school, and Renge doesn’t want her crush to know that she became a Damashigami.
147 "Doubt" (疑惑 "Giwaku")
Luckily for Renge, Kain accuses Rinne, who is however not bent on taking the fall for her crimes but accepts to help her not being exposed by her crush.
148 "Back in those Days" (あの頃のまま... "Ano Koro no Mama")
Rinne made an operation to throw Kain’s suspicion on Renge off, and a casual appearance may help solidify his belief in Renge’s innocence.

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