Rin-ne Volume 16 is the sixteenth volume of Rin-ne.


Sakura gets a postcard from the ghost of a boy who died years ago! Rinne and Rokumon head off to the beach to investigate... and find Ageha already there! The summer fun continues at camp, where Masato is up to his usual shenanigans. Will Rinne ever be able enjoy his vaction?



Chapter # Title
149 "Recovery Cream" (リカバリークリーム "Rikabarī Kurīmu")
Just as Rokumon gets a toothache, the twin rabbits arrive with a new product which accidently drives Rinne’s loyal black cat to fight... himself.
150 "The Dream Umbrella of Love" (夢の相合い傘 “Yume no aiaigasa”)
It’s rainy season, and a female student is being chastised by male students, claiming she smashed them in the head after offering to share an umbrella. Believed to be a vengeful spirit at first, it’s actually an illusion created by the umbrella which belonged to the girl.
151 "The First Union Rally" (第一回組合大会 “Daiichikai kumiai taikai”)
Rinne receives boxes of bombs ordered by his deadbeat father, who fears of being overthrown. It’s Renge who started a rightful union against him, but no one else in the company is as intelligent as her.
152 "I'll Lend You My Right Arm" (右腕貸します “Migiude kashimasu”)
Despite having been too busy with his Shinigami duty to study for the end-of-terms-exams, Rinne makes it among the highest ranking students. Renge accuses him of cheating, but he doesn’t deny it.
153 "The Runaway Victim" (逃げる人 “Nigeru hito”)
People are being attacked in the streets by a swarm of mosquito spirits, which is due to a portable spirit road having fallen into the living world by being illegally dumped.
154 "The River of Treasure" (宝の川 “Takara no kawa”)
A cleanup of the Sanzu river, which happens once every few years, goes in turmoil as Rokumon finds a gold bar.
155 "The Promised Necklace" (約束の首飾り “Yakusoku no kubikazari”)
Sakura received a letter from the ghost of a young boy named Satoru she met 3 years ago at the beach and so heads back there in hope of helping him pass on. Although Rinne tries to help, Tsubasa and Ageha have other plans in mind. 
156 "The Location of the Necklace" (首飾りの行方 “Kubikazari no yukue”)
Still at the beach, Satoru keeps losing every necklace he made, and as his past is explored, his lingering attachment surrounding a girl is discovered.
157 "One Coin Investigation" (ワンコイン調査 "Wan koin chōsa")
Rinne was tasked to find a Damashigami operating at a summer festival. The culprit is none other than Renge, who did not expect Kain and his troublesome black cat.
158 "The Campsite Devil" (キャンプ場の悪魔 "Kyanpu jou no akuma")
At a campground, a fellow classmate named Kana is worried about her brother, who’s been tempted on satanic rituals. And the identity of the culprit is obvious, as the resident of the cottage next door shows himself.

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