Rin-ne Volume 17 is the seventeenth volume of Rin-ne.


While investigating a stray komainu shrine dog spirit, Rinne and his friends run into the disembodied spirit of a shrine maiden. What's her connection to Tsubsasa? From ghosts at the athletics festival to all kinds of turmoil between Renge, Ageha, Sabato and Kain, regardless of the season, Rinne's always busy!



Chapter # Title
159 "Seven Days of Love" (七日間の恋 “Nanoka aida no koi”)
Summer holiday is over, and the school is bothered by a rattling noise, made by a member of the folk song club who’s possessed by a cicada.
160 "The Infinite Grudge" (怨み無限大 “Urami mugendai”)
The twin rabbits ask Rinne to exorcise a chainsaw scythe, which was made through an infraction, although they wouldn’t mind selling it to Ageha or Renge.
161 "The Hands from the Tatami Mat" (畳の手 “Tatami no te”)
Rinne investigates the Tea Ceremony club, which has gone short on members because of hands emerging from the tatami mats, which is due to one member’s hidden mess.
162 "The Cursed Cashbox" (呪金箱 “Jukinbako”)
Many have been spooked by a strange set of cat eyes looming during the night demanding money, and behind it is a familiar money hungry figure.
163 "Open After Seven Days" (七日たったら明けること “Nanoka tatara akeru koto”)
A cursed straw doll from an elementary school project breaks free from its box Ageha forgot to open long ago and comes after Renge.
164 "The Evil 4th Lane" (魔の4コース “Ma no 4 koosu”)
Rinne, Sakura, Tsubasa and Renge are selected as a team for the athletic festival relay race, but the ghost of a runner is interfering with Rinne and Renge’s chance for some anpan.
165 "A Wish to the Moon" (月に願いを “Tsuki ni negai wo”)
On a night of a crescent moon, the twin rabbits once again make use of Rinne to summon a god of thriving business from the top of the abandoned club building, for the offering used to attract that god is too much to resist.
166 "The Mysterious Lion-Dogs" (謎の狛犬 “Nazo no komainu”)
The spirit of a Komainu has been wandering around town, visiting many Shinto shrines. Not only is it chased by Rinne but by a living spirit of a Miko, who seems to be tied to Tsubasa’s past.
167 "Enter the Miko!" (ご本人登場! “Gohonnin toujou!”)
Rinne tracks the original Miko named Ayame Sakaki, who reveals the Komainu spirit is from her shrine, and it seems like she can’t control her living spirit who keeps on attacking Tsubasa and doesn’t allow her owner to go back to her shrine.
168 "Vengeful Spirit's Request" (生霊の願い “Ikiryo no negai”)
Putting the Komainu spirit case aside, Rinne must first take care of the case of Ayame’s living spirit, and as its origins are explored, Tsubasa must answer to Ayame's deepest feelings.

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