Rin-ne Volume 18 is the eighteenth volume of Rin-ne.


Fall turns to winter, and in the next world everyone is out gathering mushrooms. Gathering around the stew pot stirs the appetite and challenges Rinne to stay focused on his misson to exorcise ghosts! When Tamako's Black Cat by Contract, Kuroboshi, and his grandson, Kuroboshi the 3rd, arrive it looks like Rinne's winter vacation is going to be all business!



Chapter # Title
169 "The Get-Rich-Quick Mushroom Hunt" (一獲千金キノコ狩り "Ikkakusenkin Kinoko Kari")
The Black Cats are off to a mushroom hunt, and Rokumon aims for some dangerous mushroom eaters which have a high bounty but hardly bring any prosperity.
170 "The Long Story" (長い話 "Nagai Hanashi")
The bed of the school’s infirmary is being used by the spirit of a student from another school, and Rinne is too sleepy to pay attention and wants to get that bed for himself.
171 "The Nabe Pot and the Governor" (鍋と奉行 "Nabe to Bugyou")
Ageha sets up an oden party for Rinne, though she didn’t expect Rokumon to bring Sakura and Tsubasa to join, and the nabe she brought comes with a little something extra.
172 "Mannequa and Coaty" (マネ子とコト美 "Maneko to Kotomi")
Rika bought a coat at a flea market, which is haunted by a mannequin, for the two had a story together.
173 "Special Bonus" (特別ボーナス "Tokubetsu Bōnasu")
Much to Renge’s surprise, her boss is giving her a special bonus for her job, but as Rinne learns that his old man made a robbery at the Mortal Census Bureau, an all-out manhunt is declared on him and her bonus goes on the run.
174 "I Don't Want Him To Know" (知られたくない "Shiraretakunai")
The hunt for Sabato and the bonus envelope continues. A question is raised about that bonus, since he didn’t use the stolen goods the way everyone thought.
175 "Uncovered Memories" (思い出発掘 "Omoide Hakkutsu")
Rinne, Sakura and Rokumon help Tamako do some spring cleaning at her house. While digging through old furniture from the living world, they make some surprising discoveries.
176 "Kuroboshi Sansei" (黒星三世 "Kuroboshi Sansei")
Tamako’s black cat by contract Kuroboshi wishes to retire, and his grandson Kuroboshi III hopes to take over his grandfather’s place, yet this young black cat has a hang-up that is unusual for black cats.
177 "Ski Slope Surprise" (ゲレンデのサプライズ "Gerennde no Supuraizu")
Winter break ended, and a fellow classmate has a snowman attached to herself causing freezing temperatures, although she’s not responsible for it.
178 "The Cash Box from Hell" (地獄の金庫 "Jigoku no Kinko")
As a lockbox containing a bill strangely falls on Rinne’s head, it seems as if he received a gift from heaven, but that box is made of an unbreakable ice from the depths of hell.

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