Rin-ne Volume 19 is the nineteenth volume of Rin-ne.


The devil Masato gets his wings stolen by a Shinigami who was once Rinne's classmate in Shinigami elementary school, and somehow he holds a grudge against Rinne. What happened between them in the past? Then, vengeful spirits show up on Valentine's Day and at the Doll Festival. Poor Rinne never seems to have any free time!



Chapter # Title
179 "Black Cat Kids Party" (黒猫こども会 "Kuroneko Kodomo Kai")
Rokumon takes Kuroboshi III to an association for black cat children, where they are placed on a team with Oboro and Suzu for a stamp rally, and the scaredy cat is more of a hindrance than a help.
180 "Cursed Valentine" (呪われたバレンタイン "Norowareta Barentain")
It’s Valentine’s Day, but all the homemade chocolates disappear because of a chubby ghost, who had a miserable life and drives Rinne mad by depriving him of Sakura’s chocolates.
181 "Devil Type A, Shinigami Type B" (悪魔A型死神B型 "Akuma A gata Shinigami B gata")
Masato got a dangerous flu and plans to pass it to Rinne, who happens to be dangerously sick himself. Although it means he has an advantage over Rinne, he could also suffer a deadly fate.
182 "Who!?" (だれ!? "Dare! ?")
A fellow classmate’s display of Hinamatsuri dolls continuously gets knocked down. The two dolls at the top are the cause, for a rather incomprehensible reason.
183 "Midas Wax" (金運ワックス "Kinun Wakkusu")
Rinne must retrieve his scythe, which was stolen as soon as it received a final coating while being repaired at the Crescent Moon Shop. And the culprit is: Sabato.
184 "At the Graduation Ceremony" (卒業式で "Sotsugyōshiki de")
The second button of a boy's middle school uniform has quite a bit of significance. It's up to Rinne to discover why they keep appearing around one boy and what it has to do with his girlfriend.
185 "Enforced Pawning" (強制質入れ "Kyosei Shichiire")
Although he did not intend to attend due to its entrance fee, Rinne goes to a Shinigami elementary school class reunion, for a Shinigami forcibly pawned Masato’s wings.
186 "The Terrifying Outdoor Training" (恐怖の野外実習 "Kyoufu no Yagai Jisshuu")
The mysterious face from Rinne's past reveals his old and new identity to Rinne, who is nevertheless confused about what he did to him during some devil-hunting training.
187 "The Forgetball" (忘れ玉 "Wasure Dama")
Rinne recalls having purposely erased one of his memories, so Matsugo uses a huge tool to make him remember to learn the reason of his unexplainable action.
188 "Fancy Choker" (ファンシーなチョーカー "Fanshii na Choukaa")
Ageha buys a voyeuristic choker she intends to wrap around Rinne’s neck, and she gets into a fight with his old friend.

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  • The back of the english version of the manga mistakenly says "the Devil Masato was once Rinne's classmate instead of Matsugo".

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